About Us

QWK.net is an Idaho Falls Internet company that provides enterprise grade and high-quality technology solutions. With high service levels achieved through unique engineering, redundant Internet pathways, and lower subscription ratios, QWK.net is the market leader in stability.

By owning our own data center, QWK.net can control the Internet flow, adjust to customer usage, and respond quickly to technical issues without relying on others or working through corporate bureaucracy.

Mission Statement

The mission of QWK.net is to provide high-quality business grade Internet services that are stable, reliable and supported with a quick response in a courteous, “home town friendly” manner.


QWK.net is flexible with service offerings allowing customization to the customers’ needs. QWK.net services include:


Brief History

Quinn Whipple, Owner and Chief Engineer of Qwk.Net

QWK.net was founded in 1998 in Boise, Idaho as a website hosting company. In 2003, the company was purchased by Quinn Whipple of Idaho Falls, Idaho. New ownership brought fresh energy, engineering expertise and continued focus on customer service.

The development of a new data center located in Idaho Falls and the migration of QWK.net servers and equipment to Idaho Falls from Boise, Idaho capped a major technological accomplishment which completed in December of 2005.

2008 was an eventful year with the purchase of Datawav-IS, an Internet Service Provider located in South Eastern Idaho. With the acquisition, Datawav-IS merged assets which included a fiber optic network located within Idaho Falls. The fiber network went through an exhaustive engineering overhaul to upgrade the network to QWK.net standards improving speed and reliability.

In the fall of 2009, QWK.net launched its Internet telephone services (VoIP) solution. The QWK.net VoIP services provide a high-quality, feature rich, telecommunications experience while saving money for customers. The services are customized to meet the specific needs of customers at the time of installation, with foresight and planning into future needs. The VoIP services meet the QWK.net quality standards and the technical staff supports the system in a response and professional manner.

From the beginning, QWK.net has experienced consistent growth and gains in market share. Even through tough economic times, the company forges forward with continuous engineering innovations and the determination to serve customers with the highest levels of service available.