Business Internet Services provides superior business grade Internet solutions for organizations of all sizes.’s first class Internet services are demonstrated by speeds that are fast, reliable, stable, and delivered without speed fluctuations.

Business Fiber

Pure Fiber Optic Services is a CIRCA partner with the City of Idaho Falls. As such, we provide Idaho Falls business Internet services to companies within the City of Idaho Falls boundaries. Our network is distinctive with the use of high performance equipment and a unique fiber ring topology specifically engineered to maximize speed, efficiency, uptime, and consist bandwidth that culminates in the pure flow of data.

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Private Line Service

Affordable Private Line Services

We provide point-to-point private line services to businesses who would like to connect multiple locations and bypass the Internet. Private line services directly pass data from one location to another which enhances productivity as data transfer speeds increase.

A high speed private line works as an extension of an internal network which also is a security enhancement as the data connects directly and doesn’t pass any information through the Internet.

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Traditional Copper

Traditional Copper

As an authorized CenturyLink® agent, we are able to provide Internet data services through the CenturyLink® network. T1 lines, DSL and other copper services that utilize the CenturyLink® network with our data flowing through it.

With our data packages, businesses receive the benefits of our data which is not oversubscribed and thus flows without the typical fluctuations and slowdowns common when data is shared with thousands of users.

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Unique to the area,’s Internet services are fed by multiple backbone connections to sustain its service with unparalleled uptime. Most providers in the area only have a single backbone connection which leaves their network vulnerable having a single point of failure. This leads to instability and frequent outages when their single source of connectivity goes down. With the foundation of diverse and redundant Internet pathways leading into Idaho Falls, we have the capability to utilize multiple carriers and in cases when a backbone connection goes down, we simply switch to another one to keep services running for our customers.

With all of our Idaho Falls business Internet services, we maintain high-levels of quality and personalized attention to our customers. For example, one of our most strict policies is to maintain more bandwidth capacity than can possibly be used by our customers at any given time. This eliminates the slowdowns that are common with providers that oversubscribe their bandwidth capacity.

We know that each of our customers have different needs. will work individually with each customer to make sure their needs are understood and met with the solution that is right for them. We are flexible with our integration design and can engineer a custom deployment that will best meet specific and Internet needs.

QWK.Net Internet services provide:

  • Multiple backbone connections
  • Consistent fiber optic speeds
  • Large bandwidth capacities
  • Highest quality of offering provides more stability
  • Low subscription ratio
  • Engineered for business
  • Fast service response time
  • Guaranteed fiber bandwidth speeds
  • Synchronous bandwidth
  • No traffic shaping limitations
  • No per stream limitations