QWK.net’s Net Neutrality Statement

At Qwk.net, we support Net Neutrality.  We believe that Net Neutrality is the most honest and fair method of providing Internet services which means; no blocking, metering or throttling traffic, and no paid prioritization for traffic.  We also believe in full access to all lawful content on the Internet and free flowing interconnection among Internet providers.

In fact, QWK.net provided net neutral Internet services as one of its values and highest standards before the FCC adoption and subsequently rescinding its rules enforcement.

QWK.net has always and will continue to practice Net Neutrality.  We do not prioritize packet transmissions on the basis of the content, customer or network.  We do not block, meter or throttle traffic and do not play favorites.

We believe that net neutrality is the best form of practice for all Internet users and QWK.net customers will benefit from our practice of it!