FAQs (Ammon)

When you sign up for Ammon City Fiber, you will receive two bills.  One bill will come from QWK.net and one from Ammon City. The City of Ammon will include their portion of the service as a line item on their monthly utility bill.  The most common cost is about $35 per month. Learn more.

The QWK.net portion is determined by the speed you choose starting at $1.88.   Total costs start at about $37.  

That’s only $37 for crazy fast Internet!

There are several reasons that Ammon City fiber Internet is faster that previous options, especially when you choose QWK.net as the service provider.  Fiber optic Internet service utilizes cutting edge technology using fiber optic cables which data travels at the speed of light.

The fiber optic technology has the capacity to travel much faster than traditional cable, DSL or wireless.   For optimal service, choosing QWK.net will enable you to use the highest quality of engineering to maximize speeds for both the download and upload paths.  

The result is crazy fast Internet!     

If you live in the City of Ammon, you may qualify.  Check this website to see if your address is in a neighborhood is one that has been or is currently being connected to the City of Ammon fiber optic network.  You may also call the City of Ammon at (208) 612-4000.

Yes, QWK.net offers VoIP (voice over IP) telecommunication services.  The cost for basic residential telecommunication services is only $12.00 per month plus taxes.  Set-up is only $95 and includes installation, a small converter devise and phone number assignment/ reassignment.  

No, the City has worked out a low interest bond process which is paid over 20 years and billed monthly.  Should you sell your home, the new homeowner would simply take over the payments.

When the City of Ammon fiber is built to your residence, they will install special fiber equipment at a location referred to as the demarcation location or “dmark.”  At that point, you will need to purchase a router that will support the speeds of fiber optics.

To maximize your crazy-fast Internet speeds, review our hardware recommendations webpage.

Sign up through the City of Ammon website.   On this website, choose QWK.net as the provider and the crazy-fast speeds you want to start with.

This varies greatly from a few weeks to a few years.  The build out of Ammon fiber optics to your neighborhood will be determined by the interest in your neighborhood.  Neighborhoods currently being connected to the Ammon fiber optic will schedule homes that have signed up to receive the service.   

The City of Ammon has a website that shows maps of interested neighborhoods and progress of the build out.   If the fiber is being built in your neighborhood, you could be just a few weeks away from crazy-fast Internet speeds.  Initial sign-up just indicates interest, not a commitment to the service.

For the City of Ammon portal and general service support, call the City of Ammon at 208-612-4000

For QWK.net support, call 208-522-7638.