Why Choose QWK.net?

Simply put, there are many reasons to choose QWK.net for your technology needs. The following are the key “sweet 16” reasons to choose QWK.net:

Comprehensive Services:
We provide a full spectrum of services all under one roof and we work with just about every area of technology so you only have to call one company to take care of all of your technology needs. Our services include website hosting, data center hosting, Internet services, VoIP telephone services, and IT services. If you have a technology need, you just need to give us (one company) a call.
Responsive Support:
We understand the importance of technology in today’s business world. As a service based organization, we center our focus on providing customers with fast and friendly support. We treat our customers, for who they are – our home-town friends for whom we will do just about anything.
24/7/365 Support:
Many businesses have support needs outside the standard 9:00 to 5:00 hours. We have technicians on call 24/7/365 to handle urgent situations. If you have an urgent matter, we will be available anytime.
No Risk Services:
As one of our core values, we strive to do what it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Easy to Understand:
We speak to our customers in terms that are easy to understand. We make sure your service options are well defined and explained.
Solution Oriented:
We take the time necessary to look at the specific needs of each business we work with and provide solutions that are flexible and customizable. We don’t oversell services or offer “boxed” services that may not fit the needs of the business. Rather, we think “outside of the box” to meet our customers specific needs.
QWK.net can provide services in a variety of scenarios. We can provide services ala cart where you pick and choose the specific services you need. We can serve as the IT Department for your business and take care of all of your technology needs. Alternatively, we can provide second tier support by working with your IT department to round off your total technological needs.
With our investment in high-end equipment, brilliant engineering, redundant connectivity, and multiple power back-ups, our systems are some of the most reliable, stable and consistent in the industry. When you need your technology to work, you can count on QWK.net to perform.
Quality and QWK.net services are synonymous. As another one of our core values, we employ only the best resources for our infrastructure and for our customers. We follow total quality management (TQM) principles as it relates to services and quality itself is ingrained into our company culture.
Intellectual Property:
QWK.net has developed and maintains superior intellectual properties that are utilized in the engineering of the QWK.net systems.
First-class Data Center Hosting:
Unique to Idaho Falls, our data centers serve as a hub of connectivity to the region. Our data centers are the core to our business and are state-of-the-art. We have made the investment in distinctive engineering, and high-end equipment and other carrier-grade technologies. We own our data centers outright which means that we have complete authoritative control over our data centers so we can access and modify our technology as we see fit, and when our customers need our assistance.
Pure Bandwidth:
QWK.net utilizes only fast, high-performance bandwidth and equipment that provides some of the fastest network connectivity in the industry. Bandwidth is unshared and unadulterated thus providing optimal performance for your business.
Bandwidth Capacity:
With QWK.net, you get the most of what you pay for without the oversubscription issues common with other Internet providers. Our fiber speeds are guaranteed and not “up-to” speeds that are aggressively advertised by phone and cable companies. As we grow, we increase capacity instead of forcing customers to suffer from capped, throttled throughput that causes slower and inconsistent Internet speeds.
Redundant Carriers:
Our data centers are the only facilities that are fed with multi-redundant Internet backbone carriers. The redundancy helps us keep Internet services working in situations where major carriers have outages. In these situations, we can quickly switch from one backbone carrier to another to keep Internet traffic flowing without interruption of service.
No Surprises:
As we work with you, we will work to set-up, maintain or repair your services based on the evaluation of our accredited network engineers. We will let you know, in advance, what our recommendations are and then proceed as you feel is in your best interest.
Accurate Billing:
Our invoicing is provided with line-item detail so you will know exactly what services you have received and are paying for.