Offsite Data Storage provides a trusted, secure offsite data storage service that is customized to the unique needs of business. We provide simple as well as comprehensive backup plans. Some plans only back up periodically while others are more sophisticated backing up data daily with rotating copies.

Combined with QWK.Net’s Idaho Falls fiber optic services, our back-up plans are a one-two punch that is sure to make a positive impact providing peace of mind knowing that critical and sensitive data is secure, safe and reliably baked up in case of emergency.

Customizable Backup Options

Offsite VS Onsite Backups

Some businesses contemplate the difference between using an on-site backup plan and an off-site plan. Here are a few things to consider.



Vulnerable to human error

  • Forgetfulness (missing tape changes or manual copying of data)
  • Inexperience (relying on non-technical people to perform backups)
  • Busyness
  • Staff Changes

Not reliant on Human Interaction

Vulnerable to the environment

  • Insecure location of server or backup equipment
  • Heat
  • Vibration and magnetic fields of tape backups
  • Inconsistent climate control

Backups housed in’s data center

Inconsistent backup

  • Multiple offices have multiple backups.

Centralized Backup Location


  • Requires payroll dollars to perform the task.

No payroll necessary to perform the task data back-up services include:

Full Service Backup ServicesThe technical team will identify needs, determine the best solution, set-up and test the selected data backup service. will also provide the data restore should the occasion arise.
Business Class BackupThere are many varieties of backup services. We will identify your needs and match your needs to the best backup service for business (not a solution in a box).
Customizable Backup Options:Incremental Backup: After the initial data backup, all modified and additional data will be backed up on an incremental basis.
Differential Backup: After the initial data backup, all new and changed data will be copied each time going back to the most recent full backup.
Full Backup: An exact copy of the server is made each time.
Scheduled backupsBackups may be made as frequently as requested and they will run automatically. Backup daily, weekly, monthly or more.
Unseen AutomationBackups happen automatically without and undetected by staff workers.
Large Data CapacitiesWe can accommodate huge data storage needs.
Fast RestoreShould a backup need to be restored, we will quickly help with the data restoration process.
Reliable TechnologyWith our technology and expertise, backups and data restoration will work seamlessly. Data is stored on redundant disk arrays.
Data Center SophisticationYou receive all of the benefits of the data center.
Backup over FiberThe speed of the backup process is monumentally faster than traditional Internet transfers.
Cost effective/ No Hardware RequiredWith the back-up services, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment or pay for its security and maintenance.
24/7/365 MonitoringAll facets of the data center are electronically monitored to insure each system is properly functioning. Any abnormalities are immediately communicated so preventative measures can be taken.
Local ProviderWe are your neighbors and friends. You get to know us and we will know you.