SIP Trunks

Telephony for businesses is quickly moving away from traditional phone circuits. Expensive copper lines are being replaced with VoIP technology that can be used with a traditional PBX system. Exorbitant telephone bills can be replaced with SIP trunking!

SIP trunks simply provide a connection in between a PBX phone system and the public telephone network. The PBX functionalities like call management, voicemail, auto attendants, work seamlessly as they are configured as normal using the PBX control panel.

With SIP trunks, the need for legacy telephone lines or PRIs (Primary Rate Interface) is eliminated! SIP Trunk features include:

Flat Rate Pricing

Simplifies purchasing and accounts payable.

Unlimited Calls

Call as many times as you need on the line within the US and Canada.

International Calling

Call internationally with highly discounted calling rates which are based on location.

Add as you grow

Easily purchase additional lines as a business grows within days instead of weeks.

Save Money

Minimized your expenses when combining voice and data on a single network.

Improved call quality

Enhanced and digitally optimized data provides better and clearer sound.

Keep your phone numbers

Existing phone numbers can be used with Sip Trunking.