Telecommunication Services provides both traditional phone lines and high quality Internet based (VoIP) telephone services that are highly customized to meet the unique flow of business.

VoIP Phone Services

VoIP Phone Services

VoIP services are known to save money over traditional phone lines and our services are no exception.

As an Idaho Falls VoIP provider, we take the time to meet with our clients at their location to evaluate their requirements first-hand and then suggest a solution that will meet their needs. We will evaluate current needs as well that potential future needs due to growth or seasonal fluctuations. Forward thinking allows us to scale services up or down to adjust with the ever changing needs of business.

Built on the framework of our uniquely engineered fiber network and data centers, our VoIP telephone services are reliable, secure and feature rich. We maintain a massive focus on quality and quick response times to meet on-going needs of our customers. With our accredited and well-trained technicians and network engineers, we have optimized on-going support services to quickly respond to requests to move, add, or change telephones and their configurations.

The quality of phone calls, system reliability, and customer flexibility make VoIP telephone services the solution of choice for business.

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SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks

For businesses that have invested in their own PBX/ IP-PBX hardware, we provide SIP trunk phone lines to route calls over the Internet. SIP trunking has surfaced as a unique method of telecommunications that enables businesses to leverage VoIP technology and eliminate the need for expensive copper lines in the process. Riding on the reliability of our uniquely engineered network, our SIP trunk phone lines are of the highest quality available. Purchase only the number of trunks you need without a required minimum order or bundling requirements.

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Businesses are all about communication – with your customers, vendors, suppliers, and more. Having VoIP systems that “just work” is a fundamental requirement for most businesses, but many VoIP providers just don’t fit the bill.

QWK.Net is a different kind of telecommunications provider, because they have deep understanding of the crucial technologies that are involved in every aspect of the communications. From SIP Trunks, to the Internet Service, to the actual phones and hardware, QWK.Net knows how to create a perfect system for your business.

QWK.Net VoIP telephone services uniquely provide:

  • In-person, telephone needs assessment
  • Customized call flow and telephone system set-up
  • Money saving VoIP telephone technologies
  • Reliable and affordable VoIP telephone services that are sustained by the high quality standards of our fiber network and data centers.
  • Feature rich telephone handsets and console functions
  • Customized call flow set-up to meet your business needs
  • On-going support by our accredited and well trained technicians and network engineers
  • A system that is uniquely engineered by us and not resold as a “package in a box”