The QWK.net VoIP business services are not only a smart move for cost savings but also for quality and functionality. The underlying technology that delivers the high quality standards is our exceptionally engineered fiber network and data centers. In addition, our shared VoIP hardware and server cluster is the heart of our VoIP phone services and powers the QWK.net telecommunications system.

The QWK.net VoIP hardware and server cluster eliminates the need for your business to purchase expensive PBX equipment and corresponding maintenance agreements or service calls. With our VoIP phone system, we maintain and upgrade the equipment and also maintain all of the phones in your office. Each phone is personalized for optimum dialing efficiency for each employee.

QWK.Net VoIP telephone services uniquely provide:

Money Savings

Our VoIP telephone technologies are affordable and we save our customers incredible amounts of money over traditional phone services.

Custom Design

We provide customized call flow and telephone system design and set-up based on your needs.


Our VoIP telephone services that are sustained by the high quality standards of our fiber network and data centers.


Our feature rich telephones provide not only the standard features one would expect but also a myriad of functionality that can be programmed specific to your company.

A Hosted Solution

Our telephone system is a hosted solution which means that we do all the maintenance and upkeep. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of any changes you may have so you don’t have to.

System Support

Our support team is readily available and well-trained to take care of your telephone changes and updates.

Unique Engineering

Our uniquely engineered system allows for customization and is not an unyielding one-size-fits-all or package-in-a-box solution.

Standard VoIP Phone Features

The QWK.net VoIP phone services include standard and advanced features that are powered by Cisco telephones. We provide new phones or we have other economical channels to provide the best level of technology while balancing budget requirements.

The standard Cisco phone features include:

Each business office is unique and when we install a new phone system, we customize the phone features to meet the specific needs of the business. Many offices needs require advanced features including the following:

Group PickupAllows multiple people to pick up phone calls from their own handset.
Hunt GroupsDesignation of several handsets to ring when a call comes in.
Hunt Group ForwardingDesignates a secondary ring group when the primary ring group is unable to answer the call.
Hold SlotsProgrammed buttons on the phone which gives the flexibility to place a call on hold and others in a specified group can pick it up from another handset.
Call ParkingGives the flexibility to place a call on hold that can be picked up by any other phone by dialing an extension.
Auto AttendantProvides a menu sequence for callers to choose departments or individuals and then the call will automatically be transferred.
Direct Inward Dial LinesThis feature assigns a dedicated phone number for a handset in addition to or in place of an extension number.
Directory Handler – VoiceAs part of the Auto Attendant, this feature uses voice recognition technology and key pad entry to recognize the name of the person the caller is trying to reach and will automatically transfer to them.
Directory Handler – ButtonAs part of the Auto Attendant, this feature prompts the caller to enter the name of the person they are calling and the system will automatically transfer the call to them.
Custom Hold MusicThis feature provides the ability to customize the music or announcements that play while a customer is on hold.
Phone Display GraphicsThis feature provides the option for a specific graphic to be displayed on the telephone display.
Remote PhonesThis technology allows for a handset to be taken to another location with an Internet connection for use.
Voicemail to eMailWith this time saving feature, voicemail recordings emailed to the users preferred email address. This way messages from an office phone can be forwarded to an email on a mobile devise or another location.
Ad Hoc Conference CallingThis feature provides the ability to have large groups of people involved with a conference call. People are added to the conference call one at a time.
Meet Me Conference CallingWith this feature, a large group of people can participate in a conference call by dialing a designated number and then joining the meeting.