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Your connection to Ammon residential fiber optic Internet service! Whatever you do online, do it faster and smoother with the quality of

250mbs Plan
250mbs download
250mbs upload
Consistent Throughput
Smooth Web Browsing
Dedicated Connection
1gbs Plan
1gbs download
1gbs upload
Consistent Throughput
Smooth Web Browsing
Dedicated Connection
10gbs Plan
10gbs download
10gbs upload
Consistent Throughput
Smooth Web Browsing
Dedicated Connection

*Plus Idaho Falls City Fees

Add phone services for only $12.00 per month With you will receive reliable, high-speed fiber optic with crazy-fast download and upload speeds.

You will get crazy-fast:

No lopsided Internet with as both the download and upload speeds are synchronous!

warp speeds

Crazy-fast even when the whole family is online at the same time!

About the City of Ammon Fiber

The City of Ammon provides a city-owned and operated fiber optic network.  This high-speed fiber optic internet is available in neighborhoods where residents show greatest interest in the service. With the City of Ammon fiber network, the City provides the fiber connection as a utility.  The cost of the connection then becomes part of their monthly utility bill. Upon sign-up, residents are able to select as their service provider.

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Why Choose Fiber Optics

Fiber optic Internet service utilizes cutting edge technology.  The technology is made up of fiber optic cables that are very thin strands of glass (smaller than a human hair) known as optical fibers.   Because the optical fibers are made from light strands data can be transported faster than with traditional technologies.

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About is an Idaho Falls based, Idaho grown Technology Company located at 1300 S. Yellowstone Highway. was founded in 1998 in Boise, Idaho as a website hosting company.  In 2003, the company moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho into it’s newly developed data center.   

In 2008, purchased Datawav-IS, an Internet Service Provider, which assets came with a fiber optic network located in Idaho Falls. Since that time, extensive engineering upgrades and maintenance have raised the fiber network to the highest standards to maximize speed and reliability to the local business community.  

Since 2009, developed and launched its Internet telephone services (VoIP) solution for businesses. Over 20 years, has earned an exceptional reputation among business owners and IT professionals as a stable, secure and robust provider of Internet, hosting, data center and VoIP technologies. As the demand for high quality residential Internet services has increased, began offering residential services in 2019 utilizing the Ammon and Idaho Falls municipal fiber networks.

Why Choose

There are many reasons to choose for your residential fiber services.  Here are the top 10:

  1. Quality: First and foremost, quality!  Quality and services are synonymous.  It is one of our core values to use only the best resources for our infrastructure and recommend the best to our customers for an optimal experience.
  2. Net Neutrality: We have supported Net Neutrality in our fiber offerings since day one.  Net neutrality means that we don’t alter your Internet service in any way.  We WILL NOT, DO NOT, AND HAVE NEVER participated in practice common to most Internet providers to block, throttle, traffic groom and place data caps on our services.
  3. Responsive Support: As a service based organization, our focus is on providing customers with fast and friendly support. We treat our customers, for who they are – our home-town friends.
  4. Consistency:  With the quality and net neutrality framework, we provide the most consistent and stable Internet service available.
  5. Dedicated Bandwidth: Our bandwidth is unshared and unadulterated thus providing optimal performance.
  6. Synchronous Bandwidth: We have always provided synchronous bandwidth which means that our download and upload speeds are the same.   It is not well known that slower upload speeds causes a natural throttle to the download speeds. This hampers all download activities including streaming, gaming, using web applications and more.
  7. Guaranteed Bandwidth: Our fiber speeds are guaranteed and not “up-to” speeds that are common in the industry.
  8. Reliability: Our infrastructure is comprised of only high-end equipment masterfully engineered to sustain one of the most reliable, stable and consistent services in the industry.
  9. Redundant Carriers: The stability of the services is largely due to the fact that our services are fed with multi-redundant Internet backbone carriers.  If a major carrier has an outage, we simply switch to another one to keep our customers connected.
  10. An Idaho Falls Company: We are an Idaho Falls based company.  With us, you help build the Idaho Falls economy and don’t send it out of state.

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